Vilius Ksaveras Slavinskas • contacts:, phone: +370 620 64708


Date and Place of Birth: January 16, 1943, Europe , Lithuania, City of Kaunas

The exhibitions have been taking place since 1978. Member of the Lithuanian Artists 'Union (LDS), Artistic Club "Men Wings", Aqua-12 aquarelist club and chairman of the artists' club "Sphinx" (since 1994).
He has held over 100 personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Canada, the United States (7 times), Belarus, Russia, France. Participated in more than 80 group exhibitions, coordinator and organizer of 30 group exhibitions.


International Watercolor Exhibit’97 Diploma (4 countries, 45 artists) 1997.
Art Exhibit to commemorate the 80 th anniversary of Lituania‘s Independence Diploma (115 artists) 1998
International Watercolor Exhibit’99 Diploma (6 countries, 60 artists) 1999
Kaunas Municipality Culture Department Letter of Gratitude 2001, 2011
Television film „Artist Vilius Slavinskas“ from the series about Lithuanian artists „Portraits“ 1996, 30 minutes.
Lithuanian TV show "Line, Color, Format", 2017.
The Lithuanian Seimas, the Kaunas City Municipality, the Lithuanian Artists 'Union, the Kaunas Culture Department, the Kaunas Artists' Department, the Kaunas District Municipality, the Archdiocese of St. Mykolas Archangel and Christening Church, Kaunas County Library for various creative and social activities.
Bronze medal of Jonas Vileišis from the Kaunas city municipality, 2017.


I live and work in a small, bet very beautiful State of Lithuania by the Baltic Sea. Visions of my future art crystallized in the City of Kaunas, which is situated in the confluense of the Nemunas and the Neris rivers. My art teachers in Kaunas Art School A.Lukstas, M.Kulikauskiene, C.Kontrimas, A.Martinaitis helped me to see those visions more clearly. My further studies at Lithuanian Art Academy evcouraged me to search for possibilities to express myself in watercolors, acrylic, mix medium,and oil paintigs. Later, my interpretations of objects I painted became more versatile. Even though I pay a lot of attention to the technical side of expression, I don‘t think, that this is my main objective. I consider unrestricted thinking and freedom of decision to be one of the main principles of creative process. This freedom should not be in dissonance with professional technical expression. My biggest fear would be to close myself in a narrow circle of creative thinking, which would be hard to overcome in the future. When  trying to understand the mystery of the surrouding world and when creating the vision of personal experiences, I trust in viewer‘s ability to continue creative process in his mind. I try to preserve the feeling of mystery  in School: 1968-1970

Studies: Lithuanian State Art Academy: 1970-1978; graduated after completing full course of stadies majoringin Interior Design.

Social Activities: Member of Lithuanian Artists Assocition, Kaunas Artists Club „Wings of Art“ Lithuanian Watercolor Artists Club „Aqua 12“;

President of Kaunas Artists Club „Sfinksas“ since the establishment of the club in December 1994  In my artistic researches I am trying to perceive the secret of world which surrounds me. Also, I am trying to create an associative vision of my personal experience. The selection of artworks were based on variaty of themes and techniques. Paintings executed in acrylic and watercolor have some similarities which can be seen in the final expression of the artwork because the process is based on the same reflection of the secrets of the world. I am confident about personal viewer‘s perceptions which, I believe, can change according to his or her mood. If the suspicion of the artwork remains, then, it is possible to think about it again and again. In this way I am trying to share the happiness of creative process, which is like a particular feeling called catharsis.


Participated in more than 90 group exhibits,

the most important of which are the foolowing:

1.      Annual exhibits of Lithuanian Artists Association Kaunas Chapter artists. M. K.Ciurlionio Art Museum. 1978, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985.
2.      Vilnius Art Gallery. Retrospective exhibit of Kaunas artists. 1986
3.      National Watercolor exhibit. Leningrad (now St. Peterburg 1986.
4.      Artists Club „Sfinksas“ art exhibits ( 1995: Jonava, Lithuanian Artists Association Kaunas Chapter in Ukmerge; 1996: Marijampole, Jurbarkas, „Grigo Ratai“ Gallery in Vilnius; 1997: Telsiai, Kaunas gallery „Jovaras“, Nida Cultural Center; Nida Art Gallery; 2000: Kaunas State Philharmonic;
5.      Art Exhibits to commemorate Lithuania‘s Independence Day. M.K.Ciurlionis Ar Museum 1996, 1997, 1998. Kaunas Philharmonic,County Public Library, „Archyvo“ Gallery, Kaunas Officers „Ramove“.
6.      Art Exhibit to commemoratore March 11. Kaunas Philharmonic,Kaunas County Public Library, 1999.
7.      Vilnius Lithuanian Watercolor Artists Club „Aqua 12“ Art Exhibits. Lithuanian Artists House, 1996; Gallery „Arka“. Art Exhibit „Kvadratas“, 1998. Art Exhibit „ Akvarelissimo“ 2008
8.      Art exhibit „Vaikystės spalvos“ JUNESCO.Vilnius
9.      Kaunas Artists Club „ Wings of art“ exhibits.
Lithuanian Airforse Art Gallery, 1997.; Nida Cultural Center, 1998; Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, 1999.
10.  USA. Missouri St. Charles Designs Gallery. Exhibit „ Art and Artifackts“.
11.  International Watercolors exibit 97.  Klaipeda Art Gallery, 1997.
12.  Lithuanian Artists Association Kaunas artists exibits „Water and Color“.Kaunas M.K.Ciurlionis Art Gallery, 1997; Artists Association Kaunas Gallery, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.
13.   Artists Club „Sfinksas“ Exhibit „Meeting 2000“. Kedainiai City Hall Art Gallery, 1999-2000.
14.  International artists- fishers exhibition „On the another butt...“ 2001.
15.  Kaunas Atrists Clubs „Sfinksas“ and „ Wings of art“ Art Exhibits to commemorate Lithuania‘s Independece Days - February 16 and March 11, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Kaunas Philharmonic, Cuonty Public Library, .
16.  International Watercolors Exhibit  ‘99. Klaipėda Art Gallery. 1999
17.  Lithuanian Artists Association Kaunas Watercolor Artists exhibit „Nemunas“ 2000, „Seasons“ 2000, 2002.
18.  Kaunas artists – fishers  exhibition „On the another butt...“ Kaunas County Public Library , 2000,  2002.
19.  Kaunas artists exhibit „Best Art Work of the Year“. Kaunas Art Gallery. 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 3004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
20.  Internacional Artists Exhibit ’03. Klaipeda Art Gallery. 2003.
Lithuanian Art Gallery M.K.Ciurlionis. Artists Association Kaunas Art Exhibit, 2003.
21. Artists Association of Kaunas. Art Exhibit. Vitebsk and Pskov. Byelorussia, 2005.
22.   Hamburg, Private Art Gallery, 2000.
23. Finland. Turku. Salon Taiteilijaseura,  2009.
24. The "Girstutis" Cultural and Sports Palace in Kaunas, 2013.
25. Best FineArt Gallery, Nepervillis, USA. Painting, collage, 2013.
26. Kaunas County Public Library. "Mystery of the Mystery", painting, collage, watercolor, 2013.
27. The exhibition "Word and Color" at the Resurrection Basilica of Kaunas Christ. Painting, 2013.
28. Kaunas City Municipality Vinco Kudirka Public Library, 2016
29. Kaunas Ugnė Karvelis Gymnasium. Painting, 2016.
30. Kaunas County Public Library. Exhibition "Close To The End". Painting. Together with the assassin K. S. Straigis, 2016.


Participated in more than 80 solo art exhibits, the most important being the following

1.      Art Gallery of Kaunas Artifical Fiber Factory, 1978.
2.      Art Gallery of Lithuanian Artists Association, Kaunas Chapter, 1981.
3.      Canada. Peasley Cuntry Gallery, 1988.
4.      Lithuanian Centers in Toronto and Hamilton, 1988.
5.      Sweden Kaliks City Art Gallery, 1993.
6.      Kaunas, Art Gallery“Dailė“, Lithuanian Artists Association, 1995.
7.      Art Gallery  of Jonava Museum, 1994, 1997, 1999.
8.      Art  Gallery of Nida Cultural Center, 1995, 1996, 1998.
9.      Art Gallery of Moletai Ethnographical Museum, 1996.
10.    Art Gallery of Kedainiai M.Dauksos Library, 1996.
11.    Art Gallery of Lithuanian Air Forse Center, 1996.
12.   Applied Art Gallery of Lithuanian Artists Association, Vilnius, 1997.
13.  Sweden. Konstutstallning I Fargelanda ( Stokholm Municipality), 1997.
14.  Art Gallery of Raseiniai  Ethnographical Museum, 1997, 1999.
15.  Norway. Gallery Ryvarden, 1997.
16.  Art Gallery of Marijampole P.Kriauciunas Library, 1997.
17.  Gallery of Alfredas Satas. Kaunas, 1998.
18.  Kaunas Art Institute Gallery „Studija“, 1998.
19.  Vilnius. Gallery „Grigo ratai“, 1998.
20.  Art Gallery of Kedainiai museum, 1998.
21.   S.Juskus „Paveikslu galerija“, Vilnius, 1998.
22.  France. Strasbourg, Gallery „Elme“, 1999.
23.  Lithuanian Artists Association Kaunas Gallery, 1999.
24.  Germany Lithuanian Agricultural Bank, Telsiai Chapter, 2000.
25.  Kaunas District Public Library, 2000, 2013.
26.  „Ferencak Gallery“ Oak Park, IL USA, 2001
27.  Balzekas Muzeum of Lithuanian Culture, Chicago, USA, 2001.
28.  Chicago Lithuanian Art Gallery M.K.Ciurlionis, USA, 2001.
29.  Lithuanian „Ukio“ Banc, Kaunas Chapter, 2003.
30.  Painting Exhibition. Kaunas Municipal Philharmonic, 2003.
31.  Painting Exhibition. „Evergree galerija“, Douners grove, JAV, 2003.
32.  „A Happy Return“. Chicago Center of Youth M.K. Čiurlionis Gallery, JAV, 2003.
33.  Painting Exhibition. Gallery 216, Barrington, JAV, 2003.
34.  Painting Exhibition. Lithuania‘s Ūkis Bank, Kaunas, 2003.
35.  Painting Exhibition. „Best Fine Art gallery“, Naperville, JAV , 2003.         
36.  „Traces of Cultures“, Kaunas Municipal Philharmonic, 2004.
37.  Painting Exhibition. „Amberland Artisans“ gallery, Long Grove, JAV, 2004.
38.  „Christianity“. Church of Molėtai, 2004.
39.  Painting Exhibition. Gallery 216, Arizona, USA, 2004.
40.  „Traces of Christianity“.  Church of St. Ignatius, Vilnius, 2005.
41.  Painting Exhibition. Kaunas District Municipality, 2005.
42.  „Impressions“. Mažoji galerija, Vilnius, 2005.
43.  „The Word and Colour“. Church of St. Michael Archangel, Kaunas, „Traces of Cultures“, 2005.
44.   „The Word and Colour“. Church of St. Michael Archangel, Kaunas, 2007.



In the artworks – figurative abstractions -  of Vilius Ksaveras Slavinskas - an observer can notice the recognizable style of the artist. Various living beings, distinct forms of fish, birds and people shape the surface of his paintings.  Some of these abstract creatures are seemingly communicating with each other and some are visibly closed up in their own world. In other paintings a viewer might notice that they are trying to establish a dialogue with an individual person.
V.K. Slavinskas stays loyal to abstraction that has a strong aspect of expression. The artist constructs a suggestive and mysterious art world with dominating figures of people and nature. It is interesting that the plane of V. K. Slavinskas paintings connects several different categories where the outlines of humans, fish and birds are revealed, but not exposed. The artist endures a mystical mood and lets an observer to explore and personally perceive his works.
Through recognition a viewer dives deeply into the dream mode that lets the person to better comprehend his or her individual world. The poetry of a dream takes an essential part in the artwork of V.K. Slavinskas. Mystical mood conciliates with abstract figures that emerge and acquire very clear outlines in viewer’s mind. Distinct micro worlds show up in author’s paintings and travel from one painting to another. This strategy of his artworks moves toward versatility where various meanings experience divergent emotional charges. In this case it is very important for the author to retain dramaticity that is diminished by colour and abstraction. 
Artist V.K. Slavinskas skillfully maintains equilibrium between the colour and the image. The colouring and figurativeness associates with depth semantics that are vital in individual observer’s memory fundamentals. V.K. Slavinskas conveys complicated memory in his paintings and it is difficult to say if the artist makes an allusion to the past time or perhaps he wants to reconstruct what previously happened. In this case it is essential how mystical images affect a viewer and how a viewer will be drawn into the art world where oppositions like here and beyond, the darkness and the brightness, the horizontal and vertical competes with each other at all times.
It is vital for the author to create confrontation between deeper meanings that can be playful and mesmerizing. It is interesting that the art world of V.K. Slavinskas is extremely universal and able to create a personal reflection of an observer’s inner world. An impressive emotion submerges the viewer in deep meditation and impel in the far distance where dominating abstraction brightens the existence of a human being. The artworks of V.K. Slavinskas allow an observer to explore adiverse and universal reality.
Art Critic Astijus Krauleidis Vermontas